Can Your Body Heal Itself? If so, how’s it going?

How is your body doing, in terms of its’ ability to heal itself.

Heal itself?

YES. Your body can absolutely, 100% heal itself, when you are in optimal health. So what’s the key to longevity, vibrancy, and optimal health? Your spine.

“If you would seek health, look first to the spine.” – Socrates

In this post, we are not necessarily highlighting any one particular business or entrepreneurial endeavour, mainly just to make a public service announcement about taking care of yourself, your body, and keeping you adjusted and aligned, as a well oiled machine, so you can continue to make a difference in the world in whatever way that plays out for you.

As entrepreneurs, our health is everything. If we aren’t taking care of all 3 – body, mind, and spirit, then we certainly aren’t going to be any good at being of service to others in our homes, communities and around the globe.

So listen up. Take a look at your spine. For less than $100, sometimes less than $50 or even free occasionally, you can head into a local chiropractor (find a local chiropractor in asheville nc), and get a full spine evaluation so you can see specifically what’s currently going on inside of your body.

You might be quite surprised because slight tweaks along your spine could disrupt the flow of communication between your brain and other critical parts of your body, and that loss of communication is the beginning of sickness and disease. If the brain flow is not as clear, there won’t be as much help sent to that part of your body so that it can heal itself.

What if We Could Communicate With Animals?

What if it were possible to talk to animals? Innovative entrepreneur, Val Heart, has been making all sorts of beautiful noise in the animal training niche, as she is known as the world’s leading animal whisperer. Val not only is able to speak with animals directly herself, and lead them toward positive reinforcement of behavior, and even healing within themselves, but she also teaches others to do the same for themselves.

Val operates an online school called, Learn How to Talk to Animals, which offers beginner and advanced classes for anyone that would like to become better at connecting with and training their pets. Whether you enjoy cats, dogs, horses, birds, reptiles or any other sorts of animals, the techniques that are taught in Val’s courses, can be applied across the board.

In addition to her online course offerings, Val offers private coaching options for anyone that would like direct, personal access to Val for their particular situation or more individualized attention.

As the world opens up to more magic, and allows higher consciousness and innovation of the heart, mind and spirit, it is really beautiful to see the possibilities of what we have as connected beings, that are connected not just to each other as a collective human social complex, but to all that is, including all of our beautiful and amazing animal friends.

If you would like to learn how to talk to animals yourself, or would like to work with Val Heart one on one as she talk with your animals directly, you can check out her programs and coaching offerings at and


Moving Innovators

Who knew you could innovate in the industry of moving people from one house to another?

We’d like to draw special attention to a very innovative group of entrepreneurs from

They move people across town moving from one side of Asheville to another, and move many, many people into Asheville from other parts of the country. Asheville NC Movers is a highly cost effective, and very efficient moving company in Asheville.

The reason this company really got our attention as innovators in their space, is due to extraordinary customer service. They are a phenomenal local service provider that really knows how to get things right. Their website is fabulous to start. You can grab a $250 off your first move coupon on their site really easily by opting in to their email list. Then, when you call to book an appointment, you will be speaking with extremely pleasant customer service professionals that actually care about you, your family and your needs as they pertain to getting you moved in cost efficiently, affordably, and with ease and low hassle.

Their policy is to make your life as easy as possible. They don’t want you to have to lift a finger if you don’t want to, so they will handle everything from the initial packing and boxing and labeling, to the actual transport via truck, and then finally to the entire move in process. In reality, your move will go smoothest if you just leave it up to the great crews at Asheville NC Movers.



Cabinet Refacing Being Overthrown by the all new Cabinet Refinishing

Espresso Finishes, based out of Tampa, Florida, is setting the kitchen remodeling industry on fire with an all new approach to making old cabinets look incredibly beautiful through the fine art of cabinet refinishing.

cabinet refinishing in tampa, flFor decades, homeowners had a choice between replacing their cabinets or refacing their cabinets. Both of these processes are extremely disruptive to the kitchen and home environment and are very resource intensive and costly. Cabinet refinishing, however, cuts down on the amount of disruption, as well as the costs and time/labor associated with the rework.

Their work in the Tampa region has caught on, and their customers have raved about their reinishing work and designs. They leave kitchens with an incredible refreshing, modern vibe and homeowners feel like they are experiencing an entire new room just with their work on the cabinets.

Next steps for the Espress Finishes crew?

They are currently expanding throughout all of Florida state and hope to eventually take these innovative home improvement services nationwide. Awesome work Espresso, and very creative innovation in the home improvement industry!

Visit their link here:


Essential Oils – An Up and Coming Alternative Health Niche

tao essential oils

essential oils and medical flowers herbs

The Essential Oils business is heating up. With two major competitors in the industry, Doterra and Young Living, essential oil enthusiasts already have access to premium cream of the crop oils through either of these excellent companies. Both Doterra and Young Living are very quality-centric companies trying to produce the highest quality oils for the health of their consumers. They are also both MLM (multi-level-marketing) companies, meaning they use word of mouth, referrals and a network of distributors to market their product and grow their company.

Now there is a new competitor in the mix, though. Welcome Tao Essential Oils to the industry. Tao is coming into the niche with a very innovative approach. They are coming to market with a direct to consumer model, so that customers have the ability to get great, premium, quality essential oils by simply placing an order or monthly subscription directly on their website. No MLM, no business meetings, no distributors to have to go through, just a simple business model that puts complete access and control into the hands of the customers.

Tao Essential Oils plans to release several premium blends upon launch along with about a dozen of the top, most popular essential oils. They are planning a launch for summer of 2015.

Keep an eye out on this essential oils competitor, as we believe they stand a chance of taking the market by storm with an innovative direct approach, and quality, premium oils that customers are sure to enjoy and benefit from for their health.

Back to the Tribe with Jewelry – An Ethnic Journey Into the Past and Around the World

Asheville, NC jewelry artist, Julie Merrill, owner of JL Merrill Metalworks, is a fascinating woman with a lot of talent in the art of creation. Julie expresses her passions for the planet, people, ancient cultures, art, fashion, spirituality and the divine feminine through the innovate design of a variety of collections of tribal and ethnic jewelry.

After 3 trips in her adult life to various regions of Africa, Julie has developed a passion for the tribal and indigineous cultures that are so far removed from Western American civilization, and more pure in their connections to the divine, planet, animals, community, and life as a whole. She appreciates their individuality, confidence in themselves, and strong identities that have been rooted and born in stories of their ancestors passed down.

When you study the jewelry produced at JL Merrill Metalworks, the tribal flare and ethnic vibes are loud and clear, and present a beautiful alternative to modern fine jewelry that is commonplace and not very unique. Julie’s jewelry is absolutely standout unique and amazing.

From necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and much, much more, to Julie, these are not just wearable fashion pieces. Each piece is handcrafted and built out of love and appreciation for the strong roots within the heart, mind and soul of Julie, as well as all of the beautiful people that have influenced her along her paths and journey.

Here are a few examples of her work:

asheville jewelry asheville jewelry artist ethnic jewelry tribal jewelry

Take Me Out to the BallPark, Take Me Out to The Game

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks…

Yes, baseball is the ole’ American sport tradition. And just when you thought there was nothing really left to innovate in the sport, along comes the fascinating entrepreneurial community to deliver ingenuity.

When kids are learning the game, one of the best ways to practice continuously is to have automatic pitching equipment, pitching machines, and batting cages. Kids fortunate enough to have the land and the money to set this equipment up, can get a tremendous leg up on the competition at the local levels.

The pitching machinePhantom Pitching Machine has grown up over the years. The older machines that are still sold today can be quite dangerous because the machinery and mechanics are all exposed. Imagine a piece of clothing or an arm or hand getting caught in the fast spinning wheels that make the machine work.

Phantom Pitching Machine has come up with an incredibly innovative solution that is saving lives and preventing injuries. The pitching machines being manufactured by Phantom safer than a traditional machine because they’ve enclosed the entire wheel and machinery mechanism. There is no place for you to really get limbs or clothing stuck in the machine while it is encased.

Now kids can not only learn this amazing sport that so many Americans enjoy in their back yards on their own, without the need for parents, siblings or neighborhood friends, but now they can do it safely without having to worry their parents.

How to Quit Your Job and Start an Internet Business

According to young millenials, gen Xers, and Yers that are working full time online, the money is in the hands of the internet generations, the people building businesses online.

And their case is good.

Follow blog like Paid to Exist, Smart Passive Income, The Foundation, and Social Triggers and you’ll come face to face with the reality of what’s happening with entrepreneurship today.

Once you have an opportunity to build a blog, niche site, or popular app, you can kick back, quit your job and start collecting passive income. Sound like fun?

Well, in all reality its more difficult then that. Quitting your job is not a great idea until you’ve got enough income coming in on the side via your internet empire to cover your basic expenses and bills.

It takes time to build an audience. You have to be relevant, interesting, and stand out amongst the noise and the competition in your market online which is not the easiest thing to do.

Using WordPress to Build Your Tribe

WordPress stretches way beyond a simple CMS (content management system). Its the most popular CMS for a reason, and is tremendously powerful. WordPress in and of itself is a community, a movement and an incredible tool that is being used to bring people together.

Seth Godin discusses the idea of attracting and building your Tribe. A tribe is a group of people with common values, interests, hopes, desires and dreams. People who feel connected in some way, usually through a platform that is possible to build with WordPress.

So where to begin to begin building your tribe and learning how to install and use the WordPress platform? A great place to start would be to check out some wordpress tutorials. WP Academy offers some great ones for a reasonable gift donation at

Select a host that has a built in cpanel that will enable you to install wordpress on your hosting account easily. Once you are signed up for the host, your domain is pointed to the correct name servers for the host, and then WordPress is installed, you are ready to access your dashboard and begin setting up your platform.

The best way to build an audience and tribe is with incredibly useful and valuable content that you can post on the blogroll (posts in WordPress). Deliver unique articles full of value consistently over time that are organized according to a single niche or topic that you are building a tribe around. In your articles, invite your readers to participate through conversation in the comments, and invite them to submit articles as guest writers on your platform. Over time, people looking for content that your articles consist of, will find your blog through search engines or social media space where your tribe is sharing your articles.

Soundproofing for Your Apartment, Townhouse or Hotel

This is such a great innovation in sound proofing technology for living situations like apartments, hotel rooms, townhouses and more!

It’s also an opportunity for home theater enthusiasts, acoustic fanatics, and more.

Introducing Serenity Coating, a soundproof paint that is unbelievable at what it does. Seal a room almost entirely with amazing acoustics, and dampening outside noise from surrounding units, rooms, etc.

It’s ability to provide a quiet night’s rest in a hotel or keeping the neighbors noise to an absolute minimum cannot be beat.

Apply it to a room and watch how silent things get really quick.

Entrepreneurial Company to Watch in 2014

There is a lot to get excited about for entrepreneurial activity happening leading up to 2014.

One of the companies really worth keeping an eye on right now is TRIBE.LY – a business incubator focused on helping people move from IDEA to LAUNCH through a process of Discovery, Dreaming, Designing and Launching.

In 2014, they are launching version 1.0 of their first product that is currently in beta testing now with a group of 15 people. The beta product was called “The Artist’s Flight Formula” and the new v1.0 has been shortened with a new name called, “The Flight Formula”.

The Flight Formula is a 6-month mastermind business incubation experience that creator, Jason Spencer, describes as a safe space where spirituality meets marketing and business. Spencer believes that when we can be fully awakened to our purpose, and step into the strengths and gifts that we have to offer the world, that we can authentically build a business that will produce and income for us to do what we love.

Who wouldn’t want to live the rest of their lives doing what they love… doing the things that make them come alive?… serving unmet needs in the world with the gifts that we already have within us.

This is a true awakening experience and an environment of community and collaboration with tight knit, close, and vulnerable TRIBES that are formed at the beginning of the session together.

There is power in small groups holding each other in support, encouragement and accountability. The Flight Formula is challenging traditional education models to bring experiential, self-organized learning into action through this product.

Clear Whiteboard Paint For Any Color

We covered Whiteboard Paints in the past, but we needed to talk about something in this space that is truly exciting and innovating.

Now you have the ability to turn any color wall or surface, whether its pink, blue, black, multicolor, or whatever, and apply a clear dry erase coating to the surface. The clear coating will allow the color of the original paint behind it to become the “whiteboard” surface.

Brilliance in innovation, and just another great option for you to be innovative and creative yourself in your home or office thought space.

Teams, schools, churches, businesses, retail showrooms and more and taking advantage of this new product in big ways and making incredible beautiful spaces for brainstorms, ideas and just awesome visualizations.

Capture your ideas with any color now! If you have a black surface, after applying the whiteboard clear coat paint, you can then use a white dry erase marker or silver or even metallic sky blue to create an awesome look for your sketches and ideas.

One of the leaders and first to create in this space was Remarkable Coating, a product and innovation of 360 Coatings, a company based in Naples, FL.

ReMARKable products are available for purchase online through their website store. Check it out!

An Innovative Way to Do Church

RK Castillo is pastor of a new Church In Waikiki called New Life City.  He had an idea one day when thinking about the Proverbs 31 wife.  If the church really is the bride of Christ, then everything it says in Proverbs 31 about the virtuous woman the church should be doing.
For too long the church has just been a building that people go to on Sunday morning and not a force for community transformation.  This will change if the church takes up the Proverbs 31 initiative.
Lets look at a couple principles of a Proverbs 31 church.
“She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.”
The Virtuous Woman had an eye and an ear open for business opportunities.  So one day she hears about a field that is for sale and after careful consideration she buys it.  Then here’s the interesting thing, she actually had a savings account where put aside some of her earnings to specifically invest in business opportunities.
What would happen if instead of churches depending on donations from people they built businesses that continued to provide money for ministries?  A Proverbs 31 Church does this.  A portion of the church income is set aside to specifically be used to invest in business opportunities that bless and serve the community they’re in.
“She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy.”
The Virtuous Woman was about building business and making sure her businesses were profitable but she was also very much about the poor.  It says she opens her arms to the poor which tells me there is an intimate connection between her and the poor.  She is close enough to them to give them a hug!
A Proverbs 31 Church has an extreme obsession with caring for the poor and the needy.
Pastor RK has taken this to heart and takes no salary from the donations given to the church.  100% of the money given to the Church in Waikiki goes to serving the poor and giving a hand to the needy.
There are many more principles in Proverbs 31 that we can implement as a church to bring community transformation.  Go and check it out yourself and see what you think.

Dealing with the Planet’s Junk Problem in an Innovative Way

junk removalPlanet Earth.

We’ve got a junk problem.

In case you didn’t already know, we are killing our planet with our junk. Piles of piles of waste, trash, junk, and rubbish are just accumulating by leaps and bounds. The landfills are growing out of control, and there is only one thing that can stop it.


We’ve got to start thinking creatively.

We’ve got to start approaching this problem with a fresh perspective and mind.

Thankfully, there are innovaters in this space beginning to make a difference.

For example there is a junk removal company called One Call Clean Out that is tackling this incredibly huge problem in a new way. Instead of hauling junk off to the closest landfill, this company thinks creatively about ways to recycle, upcycle, refurbish, donate and resell. Those 5 words combined offer options to dealing with the problem at hand. By looking at every piece of junk they pickup and running it through the filter of recycle, upcycle, refurbish, donate, and resell, they can make good choices about what to do with the items before a landfill or trash yard is even an option. The % of items hauled off to waste yards is very minimal. This also enables them to keep their costs low.

Think if every trash, or junk removal company operated like this. Think what the impact on our planet would be if every household thought like this?

We need to think of ways like this to be less wasteful and more creative with our re-use of the things we buy.

Kudos to for getting this innovation right for our precious and fragile planet. For junk REMOVAL Philadelphia be sure to give them a call.