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Using WordPress to Build Your Tribe

WordPress stretches way beyond a simple CMS (content management system). Its the most popular CMS for a reason, and is tremendously powerful. WordPress in and of itself is a community, a movement and an incredible tool that is being used to bring people together.

Seth Godin discusses the idea of attracting and building your Tribe. A tribe is a group of people with common values, interests, hopes, desires and dreams. People who feel connected in some way, usually through a platform that is possible to build with WordPress.

So where to begin to begin building your tribe and learning how to install and use the WordPress platform? A great place to start would be to check out some wordpress tutorials. WP Academy offers some great ones for a reasonable gift donation at

Select a host that has a built in cpanel that will enable you to install wordpress on your hosting account easily. Once you are signed up for the host, your domain is pointed to the correct name servers for the host, and then WordPress is installed, you are ready to access your dashboard and begin setting up your platform.

The best way to build an audience and tribe is with incredibly useful and valuable content that you can post on the blogroll (posts in WordPress). Deliver unique articles full of value consistently over time that are organized according to a single niche or topic that you are building a tribe around. In your articles, invite your readers to participate through conversation in the comments, and invite them to submit articles as guest writers on your platform. Over time, people looking for content that your articles consist of, will find your blog through search engines or social media space where your tribe is sharing your articles.

Entrepreneurial Company to Watch in 2014

There is a lot to get excited about for entrepreneurial activity happening leading up to 2014.

One of the companies really worth keeping an eye on right now is TRIBE.LY – a business incubator focused on helping people move from IDEA to LAUNCH through a process of Discovery, Dreaming, Designing and Launching.

In 2014, they are launching version 1.0 of their first product that is currently in beta testing now with a group of 15 people. The beta product was called “The Artist’s Flight Formula” and the new v1.0 has been shortened with a new name called, “The Flight Formula”.

The Flight Formula is a 6-month mastermind business incubation experience that creator, Jason Spencer, describes as a safe space where spirituality meets marketing and business. Spencer believes that when we can be fully awakened to our purpose, and step into the strengths and gifts that we have to offer the world, that we can authentically build a business that will produce and income for us to do what we love.

Who wouldn’t want to live the rest of their lives doing what they love… doing the things that make them come alive?… serving unmet needs in the world with the gifts that we already have within us.

This is a true awakening experience and an environment of community and collaboration with tight knit, close, and vulnerable TRIBES that are formed at the beginning of the session together.

There is power in small groups holding each other in support, encouragement and accountability. The Flight Formula is challenging traditional education models to bring experiential, self-organized learning into action through this product.

Clear Whiteboard Paint For Any Color

We covered Whiteboard Paints in the past, but we needed to talk about something in this space that is truly exciting and innovating.

Now you have the ability to turn any color wall or surface, whether its pink, blue, black, multicolor, or whatever, and apply a clear dry erase coating to the surface. The clear coating will allow the color of the original paint behind it to become the “whiteboard” surface.

Brilliance in innovation, and just another great option for you to be innovative and creative yourself in your home or office thought space.

Teams, schools, churches, businesses, retail showrooms and more and taking advantage of this new product in big ways and making incredible beautiful spaces for brainstorms, ideas and just awesome visualizations.

Capture your ideas with any color now! If you have a black surface, after applying the whiteboard clear coat paint, you can then use a white dry erase marker or silver or even metallic sky blue to create an awesome look for your sketches and ideas.

One of the leaders and first to create in this space was Remarkable Coating, a product and innovation of 360 Coatings, a company based in Naples, FL.

ReMARKable products are available for purchase online through their website store. Check it out!