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Can Your Body Heal Itself? If so, how’s it going?

How is your body doing, in terms of its’ ability to heal itself.

Heal itself?

YES. Your body can absolutely, 100% heal itself, when you are in optimal health. So what’s the key to longevity, vibrancy, and optimal health? Your spine.

“If you would seek health, look first to the spine.” – Socrates

In this post, we are not necessarily highlighting any one particular business or entrepreneurial endeavour, mainly just to make a public service announcement about taking care of yourself, your body, and keeping you adjusted and aligned, as a well oiled machine, so you can continue to make a difference in the world in whatever way that plays out for you.

As entrepreneurs, our health is everything. If we aren’t taking care of all 3 – body, mind, and spirit, then we certainly aren’t going to be any good at being of service to others in our homes, communities and around the globe.

So listen up. Take a look at your spine. For less than $100, sometimes less than $50 or even free occasionally, you can head into a local chiropractor (find a local chiropractor in asheville nc), and get a full spine evaluation so you can see specifically what’s currently going on inside of your body.

You might be quite surprised because slight tweaks along your spine could disrupt the flow of communication between your brain and other critical parts of your body, and that loss of communication is the beginning of sickness and disease. If the brain flow is not as clear, there won’t be as much help sent to that part of your body so that it can heal itself.

Essential Oils – An Up and Coming Alternative Health Niche

tao essential oils

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The Essential Oils business is heating up. With two major competitors in the industry, Doterra and Young Living, essential oil enthusiasts already have access to premium cream of the crop oils through either of these excellent companies. Both Doterra and Young Living are very quality-centric companies trying to produce the highest quality oils for the health of their consumers. They are also both MLM (multi-level-marketing) companies, meaning they use word of mouth, referrals and a network of distributors to market their product and grow their company.

Now there is a new competitor in the mix, though. Welcome Tao Essential Oils to the industry. Tao is coming into the niche with a very innovative approach. They are coming to market with a direct to consumer model, so that customers have the ability to get great, premium, quality essential oils by simply placing an order or monthly subscription directly on their website. No MLM, no business meetings, no distributors to have to go through, just a simple business model that puts complete access and control into the hands of the customers.

Tao Essential Oils plans to release several premium blends upon launch along with about a dozen of the top, most popular essential oils. They are planning a launch for summer of 2015.

Keep an eye out on this essential oils competitor, as we believe they stand a chance of taking the market by storm with an innovative direct approach, and quality, premium oils that customers are sure to enjoy and benefit from for their health.