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What if We Could Communicate With Animals?

What if it were possible to talk to animals? Innovative entrepreneur, Val Heart, has been making all sorts of beautiful noise in the animal training niche, as she is known as the world’s leading animal whisperer. Val not only is able to speak with animals directly herself, and lead them toward positive reinforcement of behavior, and even healing within themselves, but she also teaches others to do the same for themselves.

Val operates an online school called, Learn How to Talk to Animals, which offers beginner and advanced classes for anyone that would like to become better at connecting with and training their pets. Whether you enjoy cats, dogs, horses, birds, reptiles or any other sorts of animals, the techniques that are taught in Val’s courses, can be applied across the board.

In addition to her online course offerings, Val offers private coaching options for anyone that would like direct, personal access to Val for their particular situation or more individualized attention.

As the world opens up to more magic, and allows higher consciousness and innovation of the heart, mind and spirit, it is really beautiful to see the possibilities of what we have as connected beings, that are connected not just to each other as a collective human social complex, but to all that is, including all of our beautiful and amazing animal friends.

If you would like to learn how to talk to animals yourself, or would like to work with Val Heart one on one as she talk with your animals directly, you can check out her programs and coaching offerings at and