Clear Whiteboard Paint For Any Color

We covered Whiteboard Paints in the past, but we needed to talk about something in this space that is truly exciting and innovating.

Now you have the ability to turn any color wall or surface, whether its pink, blue, black, multicolor, or whatever, and apply a clear dry erase coating to the surface. The clear coating will allow the color of the original paint behind it to become the “whiteboard” surface.

Brilliance in innovation, and just another great option for you to be innovative and creative yourself in your home or office thought space.

Teams, schools, churches, businesses, retail showrooms and more and taking advantage of this new product in big ways and making incredible beautiful spaces for brainstorms, ideas and just awesome visualizations.

Capture your ideas with any color now! If you have a black surface, after applying the whiteboard clear coat paint, you can then use a white dry erase marker or silver or even metallic sky blue to create an awesome look for your sketches and ideas.

One of the leaders and first to create in this space was Remarkable Coating, a product and innovation of 360 Coatings, a company based in Naples, FL.

ReMARKable products are available for purchase online through their website store. Check it out!