Entrepreneurial Company to Watch in 2014

There is a lot to get excited about for entrepreneurial activity happening leading up to 2014.

One of the companies really worth keeping an eye on right now is TRIBE.LY – a business incubator focused on helping people move from IDEA to LAUNCH through a process of Discovery, Dreaming, Designing and Launching.

In 2014, they are launching version 1.0 of their first product that is currently in beta testing now with a group of 15 people. The beta product was called “The Artist’s Flight Formula” and the new v1.0 has been shortened with a new name called, “The Flight Formula”.

The Flight Formula is a 6-month mastermind business incubation experience that creator, Jason Spencer, describes as a safe space where spirituality meets marketing and business. Spencer believes that when we can be fully awakened to our purpose, and step into the strengths and gifts that we have to offer the world, that we can authentically build a business that will produce and income for us to do what we love.

Who wouldn’t want to live the rest of their lives doing what they love… doing the things that make them come alive?… serving unmet needs in the world with the gifts that we already have within us.

This is a true awakening experience and an environment of community and collaboration with tight knit, close, and vulnerable TRIBES that are formed at the beginning of the session together.

There is power in small groups holding each other in support, encouragement and accountability. The Flight Formula is challenging traditional education models to bring experiential, self-organized learning into action through this product.