How to Quit Your Job and Start an Internet Business

According to young millenials, gen Xers, and Yers that are working full time online, the money is in the hands of the internet generations, the people building businesses online.

And their case is good.

Follow blog like Paid to Exist, Smart Passive Income, The Foundation, and Social Triggers and you’ll come face to face with the reality of what’s happening with entrepreneurship today.

Once you have an opportunity to build a blog, niche site, or popular app, you can kick back, quit your job and start collecting passive income. Sound like fun?

Well, in all reality its more difficult then that. Quitting your job is not a great idea until you’ve got enough income coming in on the side via your internet empire to cover your basic expenses and bills.

It takes time to build an audience. You have to be relevant, interesting, and stand out amongst the noise and the competition in your market online which is not the easiest thing to do.