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Using WordPress to Build Your Tribe

WordPress stretches way beyond a simple CMS (content management system). Its the most popular CMS for a reason, and is tremendously powerful. WordPress in and of itself is a community, a movement and an incredible tool that is being used to bring people together.

Seth Godin discusses the idea of attracting and building your Tribe. A tribe is a group of people with common values, interests, hopes, desires and dreams. People who feel connected in some way, usually through a platform that is possible to build with WordPress.

So where to begin to begin building your tribe and learning how to install and use the WordPress platform? A great place to start would be to check out some wordpress tutorials. WP Academy offers some great ones for a reasonable gift donation at

Select a host that has a built in cpanel that will enable you to install wordpress on your hosting account easily. Once you are signed up for the host, your domain is pointed to the correct name servers for the host, and then WordPress is installed, you are ready to access your dashboard and begin setting up your platform.

The best way to build an audience and tribe is with incredibly useful and valuable content that you can post on the blogroll (posts in WordPress). Deliver unique articles full of value consistently over time that are organized according to a single niche or topic that you are building a tribe around. In your articles, invite your readers to participate through conversation in the comments, and invite them to submit articles as guest writers on your platform. Over time, people looking for content that your articles consist of, will find your blog through search engines or social media space where your tribe is sharing your articles.