Take Me Out to the BallPark, Take Me Out to The Game

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks…

Yes, baseball is the ole’ American sport tradition. And just when you thought there was nothing really left to innovate in the sport, along comes the fascinating entrepreneurial community to deliver ingenuity.

When kids are learning the game, one of the best ways to practice continuously is to have automatic pitching equipment, pitching machines, and batting cages. Kids fortunate enough to have the land and the money to set this equipment up, can get a tremendous leg up on the competition at the local levels.

The pitching machinePhantom Pitching Machine has grown up over the years. The older machines that are still sold today can be quite dangerous because the machinery and mechanics are all exposed. Imagine a piece of clothing or an arm or hand getting caught in the fast spinning wheels that make the machine work.

Phantom Pitching Machine┬áhas come up with an incredibly innovative solution that is saving lives and preventing injuries. The pitching machines being manufactured by Phantom safer than a traditional machine because they’ve enclosed the entire wheel and machinery mechanism. There is no place for you to really get limbs or clothing stuck in the machine while it is encased.

Now kids can not only learn this amazing sport that so many Americans enjoy in their back yards on their own, without the need for parents, siblings or neighborhood friends, but now they can do it safely without having to worry their parents.